Monday, June 30, 2008

Nebraskans Travel to Missouri to Purchase Fireworks
Posted: 9:29 AM Jun 29, 2008
Last Updated: 6:32 PM Jun 29, 2008
Reporter: Nick Steffens

Some fireworks can be legally purchased in Nebraska, but with some on the banned list, Nebraskans are left looking elsewhere for the big booms.

For some, that means traveling to Missouri, a state that doesn't outlaw many of the fireworks Nebraska does.

Tyler Goodman, of Bellevue, travels to Watson, Mo., to purchase his fireworks.

"We find that we get a little bit of a bigger variety when we crosser the border," he said.

Goodman and a friend spent nearly $700 in just one visit to a fireworks stand in Watson.

But officials in Nebraska say what Goodman is doing is illegal.

According to John Falgione with the Nebraska Fire Marshal's office, any fireworks bought out-of-state and transported into Nebraska can be confiscated.

There is also a fine associated with transporting fireworks into Nebraska

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