Friday, November 23, 2007

Olympics 2008 - Ban on Fireworks Production and Transportation

The IFA issued a reminder letter on 20th November 2007, informing its members to be aware of the possibility that fireworks transportation and production will be banned during July, August and September 2008. This effectively means that the last shipment will be in mid July and then will not resume until at least early-mid October as production begins.

This causes major problems for customers whose seasons are between October and December 2008.

Shogun Sponsors York Motorsport

Shogun has been a sponsor of York Motorsport since 2005. York Motorsport started in late 2005 in Auckland, New Zealand. It competes in the SS2000 Honda Cup with James York as Driver. The Honda Cup is a series that is based on the Shell Sport and Super Sedan classes of the 1980's. All cars competing must be 2 litre engines or less.

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