Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cable release from the Ministry of Communication (MOC) 交通部 - 交水明电(2008)0611号

Since the two fireworks explosion early of the year, some of the ports have withdrawn from the business of transportation of fireworks. As a result, export of fireworks was limited and caused a backlog of cargo. Not only does it affect the normal fireworks production and non fulfillment of export contracts, it also create a safety issue. Even though the port of Beihai and Shanghai have worked hard to expand their capacity, there are still over 5,000 containers being held up at place of production waiting to be transported. The fireworks manufacturers and their local government representatives and the importers have requested in person, and by letters to improve the channel of shipping fireworks.

In order to lessen the tension of exportation of fireworks and the stock pileup, to maintain our image of export country, and to support the economic growth of the fireworks production area, the Ministry of Communication (MOC) has fully studied the issue and with the approval of “Ministry of Supervisor Board in Safety Production” (国家安全生产监督管理总局) hereby given a notice of emergency expand the fireworks export channel is given to the department concern for their study and implementation.

1. “Ordinance of safety transportation of fireworks” has set forth all the rules and regulations regarding the transportation of fireworks over water. Simply losing down the transportation channel is not the right way to solve the problem. Instead it might create greater safety issue due to increasing false decoration. All transportation and port authorities in all levels should fully study the ordinance and make use of it rules to strongly govern the safety issue, and to steamline the transportation of fireworks in the safest manner.

2. Presently, the shipping season for USA is approaching the end very soon (high shipping season for USA is March to early June, and for Europe is August and September). We ask that the port of Beihai and Shanghai, upon fulfillment of all safety regulations, to arrange the shipment to USA with priority.

3. As an emergency measure, we ask that the port authority of Ningbo, Shenzhen and Guangzhou to study with the industry that manage the container terminal, the possibility of opening the Ningbo Port, the Yintian Port (of Shenzhen), and the NanSha Port (of Guangzhou) in near future as an emergency exit of fireworks. Please report the process of such suggestion to the department.

4. In order to strengthen from the production source to ensure the safety in transportation, we ask that the concerning governing department, the export and transportation industries from all production areas to do their best to use the shortest route in transportation and to minimize the transshipment process. The Port authority and the port facility should take initiative to contact with the governing department in the fireworks area, the industries of fireworks production, trading and logistic, together with the Customs, CIQ and Marine Department; to further study the possibility of loading into containers, custom clearing, CIQ supervision and sealing of containers a the place of production.

5. Port authority needs to strengthen their knowledge of the important aspects such as the container loading, custom clearance, transportation, warehousing of fireworks. Also to inspect and supervise the relating industries to follow the rules and procedure while working in stacking, separation, inspection and transportation to vessel, of all loaded containers. More frequent inspection to the containers declared as general merchandise to eliminate the possibility of false declaration in order to smuggle fireworks with general merchandise, and to heavily penalize such active. Container yard should operate the fireworks loaded containers following the regulations as published by the transportation standard under “safety operation of containers with dangerous goods” (JT397-2007).

6. Transportation of fireworks over water is cost effective and safer, and such advantage should be fully utilized. We encourage the transportation and related departments in Hunan and Jiangxi to quickly study the opening of river ports in cities of Changsha, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan and Nanchang, nearby the production area, to start the industry of shipping fireworks. The port authority of Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu should cooperate and upgrade their facility to prepare for a better operation of transshipment of fireworks.

Marine Department of the Ministry of Communication, safety transportation department is liaison office of this notice. Contact person: Chen, Zheng Cai, 陳正才 Tel. 010-65292225, fax. 010-65292638, e-mail. chenzhengcai@moc.gov.cn

Dated: May 30th, 2008.

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