Friday, September 24, 2010

NFA Expo Springfield, MO 2011 Photos

It was probably the most attended Expo in NFA's history. Here are some photos of the Shogun booth at the NFA Tradeshow. See you next year in Stevens Point, WI!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vulcan Takes the Runners-up Spot at the 20th International Fireworks Competition in Hannover, Germany

In the special 20th Edition of the International Fireworks Competition in Hannover, Germany, past winners were invited back to compete for the title. In yesterday's final, Vulcan was awarded 2nd Place! We are very proud to have returned to Hannover this year to defend our title as Winner of 2009.

Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side with high humidity and low wind resulting in dense smoke.

Photos from Michael Beck / Hannoveriche Allgemeine.

Thank you to the Hannover Tourism Board and Ernst Rohr GmBH for inviting us to participate again this year.

This year we had yet again, an international crew of Chinese, Germans, French, Dutch and Americans! The show was designed and scripted by Cindy Cheung and John Werner on Pyrotec Composer by Galaxis-Showtechnik. Galaxis-Showtechnik's wireless firing system PFC Advanced was used ( to fire the show. All fireworks used were produced in our Vulcan display factories in Guangxi, China.

A big THANK YOU to the entire Vulcan crew and Galaxis-Showtechnik for making the show a success!

Mark Boeken, Steffen Braunlich (and his BBQ!), Uwe Braunlich, Alex Buchner, Kelly Chan, Cindy Cheung, Roelof Dik, Charles Germain, Eelco Hoekstra, Gilles Keyser, Steven Huang, Grant Luckenbill, Craig Newswanger, Phil Sandmeyer, Danny van Leeuwen, Elwin van den Berg, Erik Vermeulen, Joe Wan, John Werner, Kin Zheng and Nick from Ernst Rohr.

Wheels and Setpieces


Diamond Wall and Fronts

Below is the edited 10 minute version. Video by Markus Klatt.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Container Company (TCC) accepts fireworks containers from Taicang port to Los Angeles

In March 2010, the shipping venture TCC launched a weekly trans-Pacific service from Taicang, near Shanghai to Los Angeles. The Norwegian-based company plans to launch an Asia to Europe service later this year.

This week, it will start accepting fireworks containers on its vessels to LA. Containers will be loaded in Hunan and feeder services managed by Dragon Two, the logistics company that ran the fireworks operation in Huangpu port before the Sanshui incident in 2008.

TCC offers a point-to-point service that is much simpler than the complex networks of its competitors. Its ships will sail straight from Taicang to Los Angeles and back, instead of making multiple port calls. However, it will not offer onshore logistics services.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

International Fireworks Association announces opening of Wuzhou port

It was officially announced by the IFA on 3rd September 2010 that Wuzhou port has opened for handling of fireworks containers from China via Hong Kong.

Wuzhou port is located near the border of Guangxi and Guangdong province. The port is managed by Sinotrans of China. For shipment of fireworks, Wuzhou is only a transit port without any warehouse facilities. Containers must be loaded in either Hunan or Jiangxi with export customs documentation and inspection completed at place of loading. Once the containers arrive by truck to Wuzhou and paperwork re-declared to show export from Wuzhou, the containers will be placed on barges on transit to Hong Kong.

The advantage of Wuzhou is the reduced time from loading of containers to departure on mother vessels. Compared to 10-14 days for shipments out of Shanghai, Wuzhou will only take 7-8 days. Furthermore, the water route to Hong Kong is a river inlet, avoiding delays caused by typhoons and low water level.

Friday, September 3, 2010

5 more days to NFA Expo, Springfield, Missouri, USA!!

It's not too late to make your plans to visit Springfield, MO for the annual National Fireworks Association's Expo next week!

Details can be downloaded here for registration:

Drop by our booth at the Tradeshow on Friday 10th September & Saturday 11th September from 12pm - 4pm or email us at to make a meeting outside Tradeshow hours.

This year at the NFA Tradeshow, we are proud to be sharing our booth with Galaxis Showtechnik from Germany! Galaxis manufactures fully integrated wireless solutions to indoor, outdoor displays and SFX. They will be launching their FCC-approved firing system at the NFA for the first time in the USA!!

PFC advanced Controller

PFE Advanced 10 Outputs

Matrix Module for PFE Advanced - You will get a fully featured receiver with 50 or 100 outputs simply by applying the pluggable Matrix Module. If you are using the Matrix Module you can still program every single output individually with virtually no restrictions..

You can read more about the advantages of their system here If you are looking to invest in a quality wireless system, definitely drop by to see their system yourself at our booth!!

We will be using the Galaxis system for our show at the 20th International Hannover Fireworks Competition next month!