Tuesday, September 7, 2010

International Fireworks Association announces opening of Wuzhou port

It was officially announced by the IFA on 3rd September 2010 that Wuzhou port has opened for handling of fireworks containers from China via Hong Kong.

Wuzhou port is located near the border of Guangxi and Guangdong province. The port is managed by Sinotrans of China. For shipment of fireworks, Wuzhou is only a transit port without any warehouse facilities. Containers must be loaded in either Hunan or Jiangxi with export customs documentation and inspection completed at place of loading. Once the containers arrive by truck to Wuzhou and paperwork re-declared to show export from Wuzhou, the containers will be placed on barges on transit to Hong Kong.

The advantage of Wuzhou is the reduced time from loading of containers to departure on mother vessels. Compared to 10-14 days for shipments out of Shanghai, Wuzhou will only take 7-8 days. Furthermore, the water route to Hong Kong is a river inlet, avoiding delays caused by typhoons and low water level.

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