Friday, September 10, 2010

The Container Company (TCC) accepts fireworks containers from Taicang port to Los Angeles

In March 2010, the shipping venture TCC launched a weekly trans-Pacific service from Taicang, near Shanghai to Los Angeles. The Norwegian-based company plans to launch an Asia to Europe service later this year.

This week, it will start accepting fireworks containers on its vessels to LA. Containers will be loaded in Hunan and feeder services managed by Dragon Two, the logistics company that ran the fireworks operation in Huangpu port before the Sanshui incident in 2008.

TCC offers a point-to-point service that is much simpler than the complex networks of its competitors. Its ships will sail straight from Taicang to Los Angeles and back, instead of making multiple port calls. However, it will not offer onshore logistics services.

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