Friday, October 17, 2008

MOL stops accepting fireworks containers from Shanghai to West Coast as of next week

Due to the economic downturn and reduced demand for services from China to the US, many shipping companies are consolidating their services with other lines, or re-routing their routes to make their sailings more profitable.

As of next week, MOL will stop accepting fireworks container from Shanghai to US West Coast and IPI via USWC. This is because their West Coast service will be using HYUNDAI vessels which do not accept fireworks. They will continue to accept fireworks to East Coast via all water services and destinations with port of entry on the East Coast.

MOL will maintain accepting fireworks container from Beihai to all destinations in USA.

This means that from Shanghai, there are now 4 shipping lines accepting 1.4G to the US West Coast: APL, Maersk, Matson and Cosco. From Beihai, there is MOL, Maersk and APL.

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