Friday, October 24, 2008

Beihai Port Re-Opens 24th October Afternoon

Beihai port has announced it will resume handling of fireworks containers this afternoon.

A new group of staff has been formed at the port to oversee the container loading process. They will ensure the number of fireworks containers being handled will remain within the safety limit of 100 containers per week.


TimSMPI said...

Hi, Cindy,

Nothing personal, but is there a source where we can verify this information? I work for a Pyro company in the US, and this would be important news. And, does the opening include 1.3g display shells?

Thanks, Tim

Cindy said...

Beihai port is open for fireworks (and 1.3G shells) again, but there are other issues involved such as whether you can get the fireworks *to* the port. At the moment, Beihai is not approving road transport permits for fireworks from Hunan or Jiangxi, which means there are no legal ways of trucking fireworks into Beihai for loading out of Beihai to Hong Kong.

As for verification, there should be an official notice, but you can check other fireworks sources such as, and

Alex said...

Hi Cindy,
Is Shanghai now open for 1.3? Are there now two steamship companies that will handle 1.3?

Cindy said...

Yes, Maersk and China Shipping in Shanghai are now accepting 1.3G. You will need to check if they can ship to your destination though.