Monday, October 6, 2008

Beihai port suddenly stops handling fireworks shipments

After returning from National Day holidays, it was announced that from October 4th, 2008, Beihai port will stop accepting fireworks shipments. After inspection by Government departments, the port was informed they needed to restructure their port to conform to safety requirements before it can handle fireworks. We are waiting for more news about the development of the situation in Beihai.

Shanghai port can now accept 1.3G shipments, but only to Europe and NO DISPLAY SHELLS.

This obviously puts a lot of pressure on Shanghai port for peak season New Year's shipments and will cause major disruptions to shipments of display shells from China.

However, the biggest concern is this will open up to more cases of misdeclaration of 1.3G shipments as 1.4G or shipment of shells on shipping lines that clearly states they will not accept display shells, or worst the shipment of fireworks as “general cargo”.

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