Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our brand new Factory in Liuyang, Hunan, opens!

Factory Office Building - He Sheng
Our new factory "He Sheng" in Liuyang is finally in operation! We have spent almost a year modernising the factory and bringing it up to compliance with current National Safety Standards. This week, we received our permanent 3 year Safety Production Certificate!

This factory is now the largest factory in our Group with an area size of 1000mu (about 66 hectares). In total we now have 3 factories in Guangxi and 5 factories in Hunan:

This is a map of He Sheng Factory - He Sheng
* Golden Dragon Fireworks Factory, Shankou, Guangxi (240mu or 16 hectares)
Produces Vulcan display shells and mines.
View from Top of the Factory - He Sheng

* Tong Tai #1 Fireworks Factory, Shankou, Guangxi (200mu or 13 hectares)
Produces Vulcan display cakes, large rockets and missiles.

* Tong Tai #2 Fireworks Factory, Shankou, Guangxi (230mu or 15 hectares)
Produces Vulcan display roman candles, single shots, modular cakes and display cakes.

* Golden Bell Fireworks Factory, Tai Ping, Hunan - with Dong Tai Assortment Annex. (800mu or 53 hectares)
Produces consumer fireworks including cakes, fountains and assembles assortments. This factory has a 1600m2 testing site with roof and electricity.

* Gugang Fireworks Factory, Sankou Town, Hunan (180mu or 12 hectares)
Produces consumer fireworks including cakes and fountains. This factory has a UN 6 Series compliant testing facility with roof and electricity with an area of 6000m2.

* Dong Yang Fireworks Factory, Dong Yang, Hunan (200mu or 13 hectares)
Produces sparklers, and small consumer items.

 Factory trail - He Sheng
* Jixiu Fireworks Factory, Liuyang, Hunan (280mu or 18 hectares)
Produces Shogun display shells and cakes.

* He Sheng Fireworks Factory, Gaoping, Hunan (1000mu or 66 hectares)
Produces Vulcan display cakes, consumer cakes, rockets and display shells.

Our factories produce only Vulcan/Shogun brand fireworks and OEM fireworks for our customers around the world. All factories are under our control and managed by our own staff. Many staff have been with us since we first opened our first factory in Jiangmen 20 years ago in 1992!

As one of the largest fireworks manufacturing group in China producing only for export, we are in a strong position to control all aspects of safety and quality in our products. Having been established in the firework business since 1974, we understand our customers needs and always keep up to date with the ever changing International Regulations.

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