Monday, November 3, 2008

Shogun Iron Pyro Competition launched!

Loosely based on the format of the popular television cooking show called Iron Chef, Iron Pyro is a pyrotechnicians dream come true for anyone that would like to try their hand as a world class Firework Choreographer competing head to head with like-minded individuals. In order to fairly judge the merits and skills of the Contestants, each of the three competitors will have been given exactly the same amount and type of firework “ingredients”, selected and donated by the events main sponsor and organizer Shogun Pyrotechnics. With a challenging combination of shells, rockets, fountains, comets, roman candles, and mines each Contestants job will be to create a six to ten minute firework extravaganza blended to the music of their choice.

On Tuesday night August 11th 2009 in Mason City Iowa, in conjunction with PGI, three specially selected contestants will take the stage to battle it out for the honor of becoming the first ever IRON PYRO.

Iron Pyro's main idea is to promote and encourage new directions in the field of firework design and firework choreography. We hope that access to high quality fireworks and a competitive atmosphere before a live public audience will bring out the creativity and abilities of the Contestants in an off beat and unique way. In addition to the whole idea of the fun and excitement we think the event with generate is the fact that individuals who may not have the funds or resources to normally participate in a project of this scale will be equally eligible whether they be amateurs or professionals.

An Iron Pyro website has been launched to fully explain the rules and regulations of the competition, lay out who will be eligible, update interested individuals with new information, provide a forum for comments, videos, and suggestions, and begin the process of selecting the three finalists for the upcoming actual event.

If you (or anyone you know) think you qualify as an Iron Pyro, go to!

If you have never watched Iron Chef before, go to and type in Iron Chef!

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