Monday, November 24, 2008

Latest Shipping Port News

There have been several rumours circulating that new ports will open up soon, namely Lian Yun (連雲港) and Ningbo (寧波) port.

Lian Yun port is not able to handle fireworks and neither is Ningbo. There is no ocean vessel going through Lian Yun port so fireworks need to transport back to Shanghai. The port is also 250 miles north of Shanghai so it is much more expensive from Liuyang to go there, and back down to Shanghai. The only advantage for opening up this port or Ningbo, is when Shanghai decides to close the port for fireworks during the Expo 2010 (from May 1st to Oct 31st, 2010). Then we can send the cargo to Lian Yun or Ningbo for loading (if there is a ban in Shanghai).

After a recent safety meeting in Liuyang, there were some discussions with the Deputy Liuyang City Secretary. The government is trying to open more ports like Lian Yun or Ningbo, just in case Shanghai decides not to take any fireworks during the Expo. The Secretary also indicated that does not look likely Nan Sha port will reopen to fireworks. Guangxi's Beihai govenment had a meeting with Liuyang government, and indicated that Beihai government wants to stop fireworks from Beihai port, and open up Tie Shan Port (鐵山港). However, that would require some investment to upgrade the port facility before the port can handle fireworks. Beihai government is asking Liuyang government to invest.

Many people are actively working on opening more ports for fireworks but it is a lengthy process and one that will take at least a few years.

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