Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fireworks & Olympics Update

It was announced a few days ago that Beihai will not permit transportation of fireworks on 30th and 31st July due to an economic meeting in the area. Production of fireworks in Beihai will be stopped from 7th August to 11th August. Transportation of fireworks into Beihai from other provinces will not be allowed from 7th August until 16th August. As the only port now accepting fireworks out of China, there could be a major slowdown or stoppage of fireworks shipment from now until after 16th August. Unfortunately, there was an accident in a fireworks factory in Hepu, Beihai Guangxi yesterday morning, and all factories in the province were ordered to stop work immediately.

Jiangxi has informed verbally all factories that they will not be allowed to manufacture n August, but this has not been documented. Hunan has yet to announce whether they will stop fireworks production next month. As the Olympics opening ceremony is drawing closing (8th August), it is very likely that the Hunan government will stop fireworks production for at least several days.

Shipping from Beihai remains difficult, with terminal, feeder and operation costs skyrocketing for the past month or so. Shanghai is scheduled to reopen its port for first shipment around 10th September. Although this is good news, there will be new inspection requirements for every container to be certified by local CIQ before it can be transported to Shanghai for export. At present, it is still not clear how this will be done, as CIQ will need to increase its workforce to handle the work load. Containers must be loaded in a CIQ approved facility and at the moment only 4 have been approved. Hopefully during the month of August, this will become more clear so that shipments from Shanghai will begin smoothly from September!

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