Saturday, July 26, 2008

Beihai Port News from Beihai Daily

Recently, when the writer was doing an interview near Beihai ShiBuLing port (石步岭), noticed that truck loads of fireworks containers were being transported constantly into the Beihai terminal. There were piles of fireworks containers inside the terminal. It showed that the logistic business was growing in Beihai, but at the same time, it created a big challenge to the safety issue.

It was understood that since February and March, there were serious fireworks explosions happened in Sanshui (三水) and Whampoa (黃埔) of Guangdong province, and as a result, the Guangdong government decided to ban fireworks being imported or exported in any of the seaports inside Guangdong province. Sine then, the 60% of the total fireworks export out of China orginally handled by the port of Sanshui had to be diverted to either Beihai or Shanghai port. From June 1st, the Shanghai port announced that the port will not accept any fireworks with higher classification than 1.3G. Then early July, they further announced to stop all transportation of fireworks shipments. From there on, Beihai has become the only sea port in China to handle fireworks.

A CEO of a fireworks export company in Beihai told the writer, that it was his wish that the Beihai government would improve the safety regulations, come out with a better management plan and also to improve the port facility, and to reduce the back log of containers as soon as possible. It was also necessary to limit the number of fireworks containers inside the terminal.

The Pan North Bay Economic Cooperation Forum (泛北部灣經濟合作論壇) and 2008 Beijing Olympic is coming very soon, I wish that the government and the department concerned will pay more attention to the safety regulation of the Beihai port, so as to create a harmonious and stable environment for the long term business development of Beihai city.

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