Saturday, August 25, 2012

Globalfest in Calgary 2012

We've just come back from Globalfest having presented our display on 20th August. Video will be ready on Vimeo soon!

Photo by Steven Coutts (Flicker)

We had a great time there and a big THANK YOU to the Canadian crew for making it happen: Patrick, Kelly, Bob, Luis, Don, Kelly, James, Chris, Toby and Hrani.

All Fireworks Photos below taken by Doug Wong (

Diamond Wall

Candle Racks

Photon Flash

View of Elliston Park


The Art of Foiling

The Art of Scab Wiring
Nice Trees
The Art of Working Hard
Born to be Wild
Oops. It is highly recommended that Vulcan cylinders shells are fired from HDPE tubes. 

Doug Wong's Facebook page has some great photos from Globalfest here.

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