Friday, April 27, 2012


With the Symposium coming to an end, we've all enjoyed our visit to this friendly island!

Below is an aerial view of Malta from the plane. Malta consists of three islands: Gozo, Malta and Comino. Malta, the main island measures only 245.7 sq km (94.9 sq miles). 

The Symposium is a great place to meet all our friends from the fireworks industry from all over the world! 

We had the opportunity to visit a few fireworks factories in Malta too ...

A visit to the St John's Co Cathedral in Valetta .. 

A street in the old capital city of Mdina first inhabited around 700BC. 

One of the Maltese setpieces in Mellieha

Inside one of the Band Clubs in Mellieha ..

A band club in Malta is a social gathering place for the Maltese community. Many pyrotechnicians gather in these Band Clubs to discuss fireworks over a nightly drink. 

Below are all the setpieces and wheels set up on the St Paul's promenade .. 

Here's a video of the final setpiece! A mosaic of gerbs with a colour changing chromotrope wheels. 

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