Thursday, June 30, 2011

New display shell tracking system implemented in China

Last year, due to an increase in accidents arising from the sale and use display shells in the domestic consumer market in China, the government implemented a new online tracking system for display shells manufactured in China by authorized display shell factories.

Below is a photo of the tracking label that is required by our Vulcan shell factory to put on each of their shells. All shells can then be tracked by the Chinese Government through an online system. Each UN carton is also required to have a barcode on the exterior.

The label includes the size of shell, date of manufacture, type, class, size, powder weight and factory name. The entire barcoding system is purchased and supplied by the Chinese Government.


shashi said...

Good Day,

Do Chinese government require this tracking number to be published on the dangerous goods declaration for export shipments?

Regards/ Shashi

Cindy said...

No they do not but once they are exported you need to update the status on the central tracking system.