Monday, February 7, 2011

Sparklers From the People’s Republic of China: Revocation of Sparklers Antidumping Duty Order

As of 5th December 2010, there will be no more anti-dumping duty on imported wired sparklers from China into the US. This duty was originally imposed on all cut to length wire sparklers from China on June 18th 1991 and was set at over 90% on the value of sparklers.

More details can be found in the here.

Shogun set up a joint venture in 1999 together with Elkton Sparklers to produce the famous Easy-Lite brand sparklers in our modern sparkler factory in Dongyang, Hunan. Easy-Lite brand sparklers are an innovation from Elkton Sparklers to develop the world's fastest lighting sparkler. They light in just 1.5 seconds, much easier than other sparklers on the market. Every aspect of Easy-Lite sparklers has remained unchanged: well recognized quality Easy-Lite boxes, thick strong wire, long burning time and very unique gold sparks. Easy-Lite sparklers are available from 8" up to 36".

All Easy-Lite sparklers are deregulated novelties, and not classified as Fireworks.

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