Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blue Box "Snaps"

Recently we got hold of some samples of "snaps". We were told they were really loud, as loud as firecrackers, so that piqued our interest.

On initial examination, they looked like firecracker tubes without a fuse. When we threw one onto the ground, boy it was loud and ours ears were ringing for several minutes.

So we decided to see what it was made of ....

To a regular person, the above photo doesn't mean much, just a bunch of crushed Chinese clay, right? Well, that is the biggest problem, whoever is producing this, transporting this and selling this, have no idea what they are handling. At least I hope not, because anyone who knows what this mixture really is, would not take this kind of risk.

By the way, the above mixture weighed in at 0.39g NEC per piece. That would make each carton at almost 3kg NEC. The composition in this "snap" is prohibited in the USA (and in almost all countries), except in poppers and pistol caps. The APA Standard 87-1 limits each each popper and pistol cap to 0.016g NEC per piece. It makes this "snap" 24 times more than what is in a popper and pistol cap.

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