Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Requirement by the Beihai Marine Department for export of fireworks containers from other provinces

There was a meeting in the afternoon of 3rd April 2008 in Beihai regarding the export of other provincial fireworks through Beihai, particularly containers loaded outside of Beihai, and then trucked to Beihai for export.

The meeting was attended by the Beihai Marine Department, Transportation department, security bureau, port authority and forwarding companies.

4 specific problems have been found and were discussed:
1. Dangerous cargo markings do not conform to China requirements
2. Loading of cargo into containers in an unsafe manner, including not packed securely and parts of cartons not right way up.
3. Poor quality outer cartons, with some cartons distorted and damaged
4. Loading staff and supervisors do not have proper certifications issued by the Marine Department.

In order to solve the above problems, Beihai Marine Department recommended the following actions:
1. All dangerous goods cartons marking must conform to China’s regulations.
2. All cartons must be safety loaded
3. All cartons quality must be improved
4. All loading staff and supervisors must hold certificates issued by the Marine Department, qualifying them to load containers. All containers must be supplied with certification that the loading staff and supervisors are certified.

Any containers not complying to the above cannot be exported.

The main problem with these new requirements is that both Hunan and Jiangxi are inland provinces and do not have a Marine Department.

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shashi said...

Thanks for the information however would like to know for the four points
1. marking of cartons to conform to China's regulations - Does this have any variation from IMDG Regulations on marking?

3. Poor quality outer cartons -- is not the outer cartons are UN approved package to carry the fireworks, such as 4G ( Fibreboard boxes)

At which point the chesk is done? is it all contianers stuffed at Inland locations Hunan and Jiangxi monitored or some random checks done at Beihei