Thursday, February 14, 2008

Extended Clip from Cable TV of Sanshui accident

Copyright Cable TV HONG KONG. Dated 14/2/08.

Rough translation of the Cable News report.

At the site, there are still fireworks going off and fire has spread to the hill side. The incident began this morning at 3.25am when the site, which is estimated to have been storing 300,000 cartons of fireworks caught fire, resulting in series of explosion causing an earthquake of 1.1 magnitude. The force from the blast caused damage to buildings several kilometers away. The local government has reported that there has been no deaths, but has detained the Warehouse Manager.

Interview with Sanshui Vice Mayor “Right now we are monitoring and controlling the situation from the outside perimeter and do not plan to enter the premises to put out the fireworks. This is to ensure safety of all personnel”

The explosion caused a lot of damage within 2km; walls have collapsed, metal doors flung off, windows shattered, duck cages collapsed and dead ducks seen lying on the ground. The force of the explosion even caused large debris to fly out into the highway several hundred metres away.

The story continues to the plight of local Sanshui villagers who have been complaining about the close proximity of the fireworks warehouse to their residence. Environmental authorites have also arrived in Sanshui to monitor the impact on residents' health from this incident.

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