Monday, September 10, 2007

National Fireworks Association Expo September 2007 - Cincinnati

We were at the NFA Expo in Cincinnati last week. It was a great convention with about 600 people attending. Our demo on Friday night was a great success! For those who weren't able to get to Cincinnati, you can preview some segments right here. We will have a full video available soon on DVD!!

The show was designed by John Sagaria using Shogun consumer fireworks and Vulcan display products. It tells the story of a couple going into a fireworks store to buy some fireworks, and ends with the wife "accidentally" setting off a huge fireworks display that was meant for a show in Dallas.

Thanks a lot to John S, John W, Frank, Roberta, John L, Mike, Art, Jimmy, Lucio, Gary, Ashmead, the team from China and those last minute additional help. Great teamwork!!

Our guys from China ..

Steven & Johnny

Mmm.. who are these two and do they know what they are doing??

Yeah, guess they know what they are doing ..

Why is Mike scratching his head?

Loading up artillery shells ..

Hang on, who's this? Should he be here? LOL. It's John Sagaria!!

Get me one of these - great for driving round the factories ..

Pictures of the set up

This photo shows John Werner ready to put up the infamous Shogun Feel the Heat FOUNTAIN!!! Sure looks a lot like Up and Awesome ..

1.4G Product demo

Parts of the 1.3G demo (3 videos)

1.3G Finale

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